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        Bert by Studio Precht

        A treehouse with cartoon characters creates various structure types

        ToHA by?Ron Arad Architects + Yashar Architects

        Tower in the center of Tel Aviv

        Triple Barn by Mork-Ulnes Architects

        A wonderland getting away from the bustle

        FORMGIVING – An Architectural Future History from Big Bang to Singularity by BIG

        Exhibition with Gift for the future

        Mulini Beach by 3LHD

        Wandering on the beach promenade, enjoying in the beach bar

        Under 35 – Zhuang Ziyu

        Promote a type of content and a way of experience, helping public to know deeper and more profound content.

        Searching utopia in Hunger Games / Shi Yue

        (Only in Chinese)Utopia built by the architects

        Wu Yoga in Wuxi, China by JCD.Interior Design

        The nature and purpose of the design space and artifacts in the end

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              Encore Mount Wutai Theater, China by BIAD – ZXD ARCHITECTS

              The undulating waves of the “Sutra Folds” form?a place where wisdom can be inspired

              gooood archive: Atrium

              Selected Atrium Projects

              Framing house by FORM/Kouichi Kimura Architects

              A fluent linkage created by frames

              MCBA – Musée Cantonal des Beaux-Arts by Barozzi Veiga

              Original architecture fragments integrate into new structures

              Phoenix-Tree Garden by?Atelier ZZ

              Making a Chinese garden from the architectural perspective

              The White Tree by Sou Fujimoto Architects + Nicolas Laisné + Dimitri Roussel + OXO Architects + Coste-Grange

              Reinventing the tower block

              Launch for The 3rd International Shopping Plaza Concept Competition

              Reshape the relationships among the ‘space, retail format and operation’ of future business.

              Renovation of Bus Parking Lot on Yixian Road, China by TJAD

              Not new at the beginning of construction complete, not old after many years

              Jingyinyuan Club by 9.9 Design

              Echoes the natural law and full of vitality

              Yuan Feng gave a speech on BCC 2018, Beijing

              Change the future of village through new technologies.
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